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Digital Marketing

In this era of digitization, a large number of our population is familiar with internet and trying to gain best of it that’s why everyone including owner (supplier) of product or services, marketer and even the end users; everyone is using this platform widely and by using this Internet platform, businesses can create competitive advantage through various means. In order to reach the maximum potential of digital marketing, firms use social media as its main tool to create a channel of information and it helps a business in creating a system in which they are able to identify behavioural patterns of clients and feedback on their needs.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used to describe the integrated marketing services used to attract, engage and convert customers. It is the process of promoting products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media and differs from traditional marketing techniques. For marketing product or services digitally it includes Internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and many other digital mediums. At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Digital marketing is typically built around acquiring and funneling users through a “sales” or “conversion” process often referred to as a “funnel.

Process of Digital Marketing

Process of Digital Marketing



Components of Digital Marketing

An effective digital marketing plan can make all the difference when it comes to swaying key decision makers towards your product or service. Digital marketing offers a number of components in-order to facilitate this process and they are as follows:



All these components are very important and need a detailed discussion on them (you can find more information about each component in my other blogs at ). Beside the above mentioned components there are many more components we need to know about and they are:

Value Messaging:

It will be the foundation on which your digital marketing plan will be built. Your digital marketing content should speak to the needs of potential buyers and introduce the value of your product or service.

Content Types:

There are various types of contents used for Digital Marketing:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Press releases

Marketing Automation:

With the help of tools Like HubPost, Marketo etc.; you can manage each campaign, create landing pages and emails, track website visitors, and send alerts to your sales team as leads are generated.

Sales Enablement:

It is an important component of your digital marketing plan because it ensures your content investment is not wasted.

Content Management:

Digital marketing plan mostly centre on high-quality content. If the content management system is not sufficiently equipped to handle a high volume of content your marketing plan will suffer.


Types of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is essential in today’s world. With both competitors and potential customers constantly online, digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead. When you’re a small business owner the online world can seem intimidating.

Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Strategies:

Here is a list of five simple digital marketing strategies that any business owner can implement to help their business grow.

  1. Setting a Goal:It is one of the most important strategies which can help your small business grow and with a solid goal in mind; greatly increases your chances of success
  2. Creating a Marketing Funnel:The most successful businesses have an effective marketing funnel in place. You can think of a marketing funnel in four parts: Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.
  3. Developing a call-to-action:A call-to-action (CTA) is an image or text that prompts visitors to take action. CTAs should direct people to landing pages, where you can collect visitors’ contact information in exchange for a valuable marketing offer.
  4. Creating an Effective Lead Magnet:A lead magnet can be used alone or along with a CTA. This will also be used either within your marketing funnel or as a way to drive potential customers into your funnel. Supply them with something relevant to your product or service that they want.
  5. Driving Traffic:In order to drive people into your marketing funnel, there first has to be traffic on your website. There are varieties of ways you can drive traffic to your website.
  • Quality Content
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Website Optimization
  • Social Media


Advantages of Digital Marketing

The whole idea of digital marketing can be a very important aspect in the overall communication between the consumer and the organization. This is due to digital marketing being able to reach vast numbers of potential consumers at one time.

  • It uses contents to connect with online customers.
  • It helps in tracking customers from the first interaction and throughout the entire buyer’s journey.
  • It Drives Brand Loyalty.
  • It is optimize for conversion
  • Realize higher ROI and revenue
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Reduces the selling cycle.
  • Increases satisfaction
  • Reduces the cost of sales.
  • Easy to measure.
  • Real time results
  • Brand Development


We hope this article will help you to get an idea about Digital Marketing, its components and strategies along with its advantages. In order to conclude this article we can say that an effective use of digital marketing can result in relatively lowered costs in relation to traditional means of marketing; Lowered external service costs, advertising costs, promotion costs, processing costs, interface design costs and control costs and can help you to grow your business.

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